Lone Worker Alarms Man-Down-Fall-Detection Man Down Alarm

Man Down Alarm


Many industrial and commercial applications require notification that an employee has succumbed to a threat or environmental hazard. The lone worker alarm pendant will notify the appropriate emergency response personnel should the employee become injured or fall from heights.

The lone worker alarm enables management to supply their employees with a vital communication link that will alert management or responders to potential danger or dangers in the workplace. In the case of an employee having an incident which if not alerted could result in serious legal implications if there is serious harm or a fatality.

The lone worker alarm has applications in the workplace as a tool to mitigate risks. In situations of a critical emergency when time can be of the essence resulting in the possibility of saving a life or lives.

A Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking has a primary duty of care to workers & others pursuant to the counties laws.

This duty equates to ensuring, as is reasonably practicable, the Health & Safety of persons (Workers & Others) is not put at risk.

The lone worker alarm uses GSM as its means of sending SMS messages, including two-way voice from and  to programed mobiles. GPS is used for tracking the user’s location linked via Google Maps.

The lone worker alarm has applications for any persons who work in isolation, or isolated areas i.e. Manufacturing, Heavy Industry, Councils, Forestry, Emergency Personnel, and Farmers etc.